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Harvest to Holiday Season

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

The last couple months of every year always seems to be action packed. From getting ready for back to school to Harvest/Halloween season then right into Thanksgiving and Christmas. This time of the year can be hectic and overwhelming for some and yet very exciting and full of beautiful memories. Autumn is definitely a favorite season for many, from the beautiful warm colors in nature to gathering with friends and families to feast.

Decorating your home and work environment can definitely put things in the holiday mode. It can be as simple as adding some pumpkin or apple pie scented candles throughout your space as a constant reminder of the warmth that’s all around.

Fluffy throw pillows and cozy shearling blankets are such a fun addition to your living space and makes it even more inviting for friends and family.

From Sweater Weather to Cuffing Season, this is the time for resting more, appreciating the cooler climate, and feeling warm and cozy. As we get ready for the gift giving season, we must always remember that one of the greatest gifts are Love and Affection. Showing others, including yourself, that you care about their well being is often the best received. Everything else is like icing and the cherry on top of a cupcake!

The whole presentation aspect of gift giving is so fun and festive. Whether gifting something that’s pricey or inexpensive, always make sure it’s thoughtful and presented beautifully. From cordinating wrapping paper and bows to a thoughtful card, the little things are often times not overlooked. Here are some favorite gift presentation items.

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